Layla Nelan / 1st

  • He was beat up by his father when he was littler, but he got beat up badly on his way back home one day. His face was cut up. It was swollen and bruised up. He had a cut from his cheek bone to his temple. That was going to be a scar that stayed with him forever.
  • Johnny is a shy guy after he got beat up. He is very nervous, jumps when something all of a sudden happens, and he cant stand up for himself.
  • Johnny doesn't like to do much, but when he does do stuff, he likes to hang out with the gang because he is the gangs "pet".
  • His prized possession would be the switch blade (6 inches) because he carries it wherever he goes. If anyone comes near him again, they would be very injured.
  • His relationship to the rest of the greasers is very close. Although he is treated like he doesn't belong in the group, they're always there for a each other.
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