Maycomb News

Friday, December 17, 1933

House in Maycomb Goes Up in Flames in the Middle of the Night

Around 1 pm Thursday, firefighters were called to the scene to fight a heavy blaze that had already destroyed the walls of a two-story home. 47 year old Maudie Atkinson, owner of the house had safely fled the fire and no injuries were reported. Neighbors quickly tried to get as much furniture from the house out as fast as possible, before the fire devoured it.

Mr. Avery, from down the street had a close miss with the fire after trying to save a mattress on the second floor. "Mr. Avery was wedged so tightly on the window frame, I thought he wasn't going to make it!" Said 13 year old Jeremy Finch, with lived beside Atkinson. Avery is safely recovering in bed with no serious injuries.

The cause of the fire was a single candle stick that had tipped over in the kitchen. "Probably the flue in the kitchen. I kept a fire in there last night for my potted plants." Said Atkinson, owner of the house. Firefighters from Clark's ferry, more then sixty miles away and Abbottsville were able to put the fire before it spread to the neighboring houses.