Five Themes of Austin

By: Milana Knaplund


The absolute location of a place means the exact coordinates, for example, the absolute location of Austin, Texas would be: 30.25ºN

Relative location of a place is the land marks closest to the location being described. A major city close to Austin is San Antonio.


Place describes what the area is like, in terms of its culture and physical landmarks. Austin has the lakes: LBJ, Austin, and Travis. It has a hot and humid climate with a lot of drinking water being obtained from aquifers. While the city is very diverse, it consists mainly of white Christians and atheists.

Human-Environment interaction

Human-Environment interaction is when humans notice their surroundings and react to it, changing it to suit their needs. Austin shows examples of these by: most lakes are man-made, nearly everyone has AC, there are a lot of highways and construction.


Region is how to separate two different locations. Austin is the capital of Texas and is very culturally diverse. People come from all over to visit Texas and some decide to stay. The two most prominent races are white and Latin American. Austin has many lakes and rivers and is mostly warm. The most common religion would be Christianity but there are many others like Muslim, Jewish, Mormon and more.


When geographers study movement they are looking for how and why people move both to and through an area. People come to Austin Texas because it is the live music capital of the world, most people just visit for vacation, but some decide to live here permanently. Other people come because Austin is a growing city with good school programs and job opportunities. when in Austin it's quite common to bike or ride the bus to and from places in an effort to go green. However the most common method of transportation is car.