BCSD Technology Newsletter

September 2018

Need Assistance? Submit A Ticket

Welcome Back! If you need any assistance with technology please submit a technology help ticket.

To help the team expedite a response to your issue please be specific in both the subject line and the description of your problem. Please refrain from being generic and writing phrases like "Help!" as this does not help us diagnose your issue or send it to the correct technician.

An individual ticket should be submitted for each issue that you have. Please do not bundle issues into 1 ticket as it makes it difficult to share and assign it to the correct technicians and may result in a delay to 1 or more of the issues.

Try to include information such as the type of device you are having an issue with (laptop, desktop, interactive board, phone, etc...), a picture of the error message (if any) you are receiving, manufacturer/brand of the device, location of the device/issue (building, room, etc..).

Thanks for your assistance and continued support! http://help.beaconk12.org/support/login

Recent Happenings:

Dell Interactive Boards Arrive At Rombout

Excited to announce that new Dell Interactive Boards have been deployed at Rombout Middle School. We plan to deploy 15 new boards at Beacon High School soon, which will begin the process to ensure there is an interactive board in every classroom at BHS in the upcoming school year.

Google: Did You Know?

Introducing the Google Teacher Center Google unveiled their new Teacher Center. Formerly called the Training Center, this updated hub is a one-stop-shop for training materials, resources, certifications and communities of educators. Teachers can search Google’s library of resources to find exactly what they need, when they need it.

Be Internet Awesome: Google Digital Safety Program

Be Internet Awesome helps kids learn how to be safe, confident explorers of the online world. Based on a ton of helpful feedback we’ve received from educators, we’re excited to share expansions to our educator curriculum, an updated Interland game that better reinforces our lessons, and new resources for educators and parents, including interactive slides built with Pear Deck.

Google EDU in 90 is Back: YouTube series EDU in 90 is back for season three! To kick things off, we looked at some of the new features and functionality for Google Forms as quizzes, including auto-suggested multiple choice answers and decimal grading. And on our second episode, we focus on the Explore feature in Docs. Check it out to learn how to access related files, search the web, and find relevant images - all without leaving your Doc.

Now Google Classroom works like you do

Google is improving Classroom to give teachers more control over how they organize everything from assignments to class rosters. It’s the same Classroom that educators know, with new pages designed to help teachers and students find what they need faster than ever.

This fall, Google is introducing the Classwork page, which lets teachers organize assignments and questions by grouping them into modules and units. Teachers will be able to create and manage assignments and questions from the Classwork page. This gives class content its own space in Classroom, and allows the Stream to be used for class conversation.

We’re also introducing a People page to give teachers a unified place to manage students, co-teachers and guardians, and a new Settings page where teachers can add a class description, change the course code, and control overall Classroom settings.

Create Quizzes from Classroom

Soon, teachers will be able to create and assign a Forms Quiz directly from Classroom—saving educators time and streamlining the assignment process. Quizzes lets teachers create questions, grade by question or by student, auto grade checkbox and multiple choice grid questions, and include feedback to answers for a personalized learning experience. And teachers can import grades from Quizzes right back into Classroom.