Alive Story of the Andes Survivors

By Piers Paul Read

This book describes how to live off of nothing in the Andes Mountains. It gives you a sense of how the rugby team from Uruguay could try to survive living in the Andes mountains for 72 days. With 45 people on the plane the fairchild only 16 of them survived.
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The survivors being rescued by the helicopter

When it happened

The rugby team was on their way to Chile for a rugby game. It was 1972 October 13 when the plane went down into the mountains. The plane was not only filled with team and the coach but some of the loved ones also. The only way to survive was horrifying, they had to eat the meat of the teammates that passed away when the plane went down. The plane crash was not even close to the worst thing that happened. In the middle of the night there was an avalanche that killed 8 people on October 29.
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How it happened

The plane was flying to Chile to bring the team to a game. A couple hours after the plane took off they had to stop due to the weather and started the next day to take off. The next day the plane took off again only to crash down into the andes because of more bad weather.

Is Rescue on the Way?

When it was clear that the survivors needed to be rescued Roberto Canessa and Fernado Parrado set off on their 10 day journey to find help. When they set off they were looking for the green mountains of Chile. On their way they found a road but decided that it would be better to go where the green mountains were. When they finally made it to the green mountains they settled in by a stream and heard people talking on the other side of the river. When the people heard them they sent a bottle over to the other side so they could tell them what happened because there was a waterfall that made it hard to hear. when they got the bottle they told them what happened and they sent someone that ives on that side of the river to pick them up. When they were picked up they finally ate real food and slept without being cold. The next day they had their hosts go off to tell people. When people found out they got help and went with the rescue crew to find their friends. When they found their team they had to come in on a helicopter to get them
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The survivors years after the crash