Wanted: TE (Tellurium)

By: Aryan Jain

Wanted For!!!

The reason why we need Tellurium is because it helps us cut metal and stainless steel much easier. It is important because without it, we would have to work and we might cut it unevenly. Tellurium is also used in CDs and is used in solar panels.

Other Names (Disguise)

Sylvanite (Of Kirwan) or Lionite ( Of Berdell). These are names that he could be hiding under. Tellurium's chemical symbol is TE. Telluriums name came from the latin world Tellus meaning earth. This is because it is spherical.

Pictures of our Suspect!


Tellurium is very dangerous in its true form and could poison and kill you.

Tellurium In Use!

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He is silver and his atomic number is 52. His atomic mass is 127.6 A.M.U. Tellurium is a metalloid it sits between metal and non-metal. Tellurium appears as a solid at room temperature.

Bohr Diagram

There are 52 protons, 76 neutrons, and 52 electron in Tellurium.

First Arresting Officer

The first person to put him behind bars was Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstien. He was born on July 1, 1740, Franz was an Austrian mineralogist and mining engineer. He worked with an ore called german gold in this mineral he found tellurium.

Report of Arrest

He was discovered in 1782 when Franz was analyzing some of the gold from the mines. From this ore, he obtained a material that he could not analize, but he called it metallum problematicum. In 1978 a man named Martin Heinrich confirmed Franz' theory.

Seen In....

He was last seen in group 16 and is found in Gold Ore.

Known Associates

Lead and tellurium mixes together to form a compound. The equation of reaactants forming products is PbTe. Lead and tellurium forms a stronger version of tellurium.