Renewable resources

Solar power

Renewable Resources

A renewable resource is a resource we can rely on for electricity, because we will never run out of these resources. Unlike a non-renewable resource our renewable resources come from natural resources such as wind, sun, water, and the earth's heat, all four of these resources will replenish themselves. We try to use renewable resources as much as possible because a non-renewable resource is harmful to the environment by causing climate change which is harmful to the plants and animals on of planet.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy is the energy from the sun. Solar panels are what collect solar energy and turn it into electricity. Solar panels work by the sunlight shines on the solar panels and gets collected the sun follows through wires and gets brought to a fuse box that turns the sunlight into electricity. The newly formed electricity travels to another fuse box which allows the electricity into the house. This electricity can now be reached by any outlet.

Advantages of Solar Power

Solar energy is renewable because no matter how many people have solar panels we will never run out of sunlight. Solar energy is quite, from when it's collected to when it's being used. Solar energy is also very clean. It creates no pollution, no green house gases and no waste that later needs to be thrown out into the garbage. Solar energy has very little maintenance other than a regular cleaning, the makes owning solar panels very easy.

Disadvantages of Solar Power

One of the most common disadvantages of solar power is the cost, this disadvantage is what stops most people from owning solar panels. The cost of solar power is the cost of purchasing solar panels. You are however saving money but to have saved the amount of money the solar panels cost will take awhile. Solar power is weather dependent, on the earth we do collect a lot of sunlight but one cloudy day will have a big impact on the collection process. This is because without enough sunlight stored you will be relying on sunlight for that day if there is none you won't have electricity for that day. Solar panels come with low maintenance but when there is something it's really hard to find someone to fix it.

Interesting fact

Plants use solar energy, they take the the sunlight and turn it into a chemical energy. This process is called photosynthesis. Plants use photosynthesis because they are always in contact with the sun.


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