Globalization and Geography

By; Holli Dovholuk

six word story

Geography and globalization effect human interactions

Globalization is.....

The trend of integration and interaction of businesses, technologies, and values spreading threw out the world by international trade and investment.
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My product~ Sperry Topsider Boat shoes!

My product,is The Sperry Topsider boat shoe are contributed from all over. People gather all the raw materials needed to make the product from many different companies and tools. After all the materials are gathered they are shipped off to the manufacturing companies, for where those companies begin the process of making the boat shoes. After the materials have reached the factors they are then held to be made bigger and better. Then once they reach the Sperrys manufacture they assemble the shoe and ship them out to stores and people across the globe.

Materials in the Sperrys

There are many different materials that are incorporated into the Sperrys shoe. Which these materials include,

  1. Rubber and leather
  2. Suede
  3. Rawhide- used for laces
  4. Nylon- in mess
  5. Deerskin-used for lining
  6. Cotton- used for upper canvas
  7. Metal eyelets- used as support in laces
  8. Lester dye- used to give shoes color


One of Sperry doctors more expensive collection is made in Highland, Maine in the United States. Other sperry shoes are produced all over the globe including one of the main place southern China.

International brands

Although the Sperry topsiders are found in the United States. The shoes are also found all over the globe including France,Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Japan, Germany, and Luxembourg. They are a very high selling shoe due to being a boating and sailing shoe
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How does Globalization effect my life?

The positives- Globalization effects my life on a daily. Just think to yourself, how does globalization effect me on a school day. I wake up almost everyday by my alarm clock on my phone, which used technology.I then eat breakfast and check the weather and see whats going on around me in the world. Then its time to head to the bus stop my mom drives me down where i get picked up by the bus. The bus we use is provides by the towns people paying taxes. Once I arrive at school I go to class where im influenced with new information,culture,ethnics,working and communication skills. Then comes lunch time where I socialize the most cause that's when I have the most free time. Then to end the day I check my social media on the bus ride home then once im home i do my homework.

The negatives- The effects that globalization has on my life aren't always the best. Most people my age focus way to much time on social media and texting which leads to their phones. Phones have been a huge part in my life and others as well. Some times I feel myself spending way more time on my phone rather then my family.I use my phone for school,social media, friends, music almost everything. When me and my friends hangout we are always on our phones . The society I grew up in has a huge impact on our living. These are many examples of globalization.