Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller

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Today is the last day to submit your BIO and picture for our staff meeting on Friday!
Thank you in advance for getting it submitted early so we have time to prepare!

Friday's Meeting-
A few reminders for Friday's meeting...
1. Bring a charged laptop
2. We are having a potluck (breakfast/dessert). Please bring something to contribute. Stephanie and I will provide paper products and drinks.
3. Literacy Night volunteers, please plan to take your flex time after our meeting adjourns. :-)

Weekly Schedule:

Kelly at Creekside
Stephanie at Creekside and Liberty

Kelly at Creekside
Stephanie at Creekside & Liberty

All Staff Meeting 8-12pm (BCESC, room B)
Resident Educator Meeting (BCESC) at 2:00pm
**All calendars, Request for Leave, Time Sheets and Head Start Time Sheet due!**
(Please be sure to complete these correctly. You have all "NC" days, unless you are a LT, AT, IA, which you will record Thanksgiving Day as a Holiday and the appropriate # in your sequence. Please ask if you have questions!)


A shout-out to everyone involved in the transition pre-planning meeting. It sounds like you make it through all of the students. WOO HOO! One piece down!

A shout-out to Courtney for sharing the enlightening article (see link below). Great insight from a parent's perspective!


Floating AT- Cynthia Meadows

Floating AT- Jennifer Hobbs
Floating IA- Brandi Singh
Kim Baker- Mara Murphy (a.m. only)
Jessica McIntyre- no coverage (Jennifer Hobbs to cover)
Dustin Coulter- no coverage

Susan Husting- Sherryl Sommer



Open Enrollment-
Open enrollment has begun for employees that have insurance through BCESC. It closes November 23rd.