2015: A Year to Reflect Upon

Written By Local Student Usman Bashir

Top 3 Companies to Brandish Themselves

1. Amazon: With Amazon's creative and intuitive television commercials, Amazon has been grappling the viewers eyes. The Commercials hold catchy tunes and unique stage play.

2. Apple: Apple holds outstanding television commercials however their connection with social networking seems more higher because of the interactions with other users.

3. McDonalds: McDonalds outburst of the news about having their breakfast available throughout the whole day.

First and Flat Rate Products of 2015

First Rate (Best):

  • Hoverboard
  • iphone 6s

Flat Rate (Worst):

  • Google Glass
  • Google Cardboard

Top Movies Of 2015

Top Two Music Artists of 2015

1. Hello

2. Sorry

3. Love Yourself

4. Hotline Bling

5. What Do You Mean

Personal New Year Resolutions

My Personal Goals this year in the following categories:

    • Personal improvement

    • Family and friends

    • School and the outside world

1. Personally, I would like to improve my social skills and ability to respect other people. I want to have the skills to be polite and set a good conversation.

2. With Family and Friends I want to be able to help around the house more often and spend a little more time with friends since I already do with family.

3. In school I really want to hit the point of actually achieving straight A's so that I can get in to the college of my dreams.