CSS Community Updates

October 15th

Upcoming Event Dates

  • October 10-19 OHSU Covid Screening collection
  • October 18 Elementary Student of Color Meeting
  • October 20 Chromebook Deployment
  • October 29 K-2/Principal Coffee Chat at Berrydale
  • November 1st Spirit Day - Cozy Day!
  • November 5th - No School, Planning Day

Principal's Update

This morning I appreciated the opportunity to connect with parents during our grades 3-5 coffee chat at the park. There is a lot to keep track of as a parent in a global pandemic, and I am so appreciative of the continued support of our CSS community. This week we had volunteers helping during lunches, and the extra help really makes a difference to our staff. Keep your eyes out for more volunteer opportunities in the weeks to come.

Conferences: Conferences will be held during the day and evening on November 22-23 this year. Conferences will be held virtually and sign up information will be shared in a couple of weeks.

OHSU Covid screening: Our OHSU screening begins next week. OHSU is processing forms as quickly as possible. Families that have accounts created by OHSU will receive their stickers this Friday. Test kits will go home on Mondays with your student, and can be dropped off only from 830-900 in the front of the school on Tuesday mornings. Please do not send your lab samples into the school with your student or attempt to give to school staff if you miss drop off. Please see additional information below.

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month is an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements.[1] It was founded in 1994 by Missouri high-school history teacher Rodney Wilson.[2] LGBT History Month provides role models, builds community, and represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community.[3] As of 2020, LGBT History Month is a month-long celebration that is specific to Hungary, the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Greenland, and the city of Berlin.

In the United States, Canada, and Australia, it is celebrated in October to coincide with National Coming Out Day on 11 October and to commemorate the first and second marches on Washington in 1979 and 1987 for LGBT rights.[4] In Hungary and the United Kingdom, it is observed during February; in the UK this coincides with a major celebration of the 2003 abolition of Section 28.[5] In Berlin, it is known as Queer History Month and is celebrated in May.

Our Media Center will have a collection of books for students and staff to check out on this topic.

OHSU Screening Begins

Creative Science School Weekly Screening Schedule

We have begun to receive OHSU labels. Please note: Not all students who signed up have received labels yet from OHSU. When these are delivered they will go home on Fridays.

Please keep these labels at home to attach to your student's sample. There are detailed directions linked here and attached to your labels.

You will get a test tube on Monday. Perform the spit test on Tuesday morning and then bring the sample to school that morning.

On Tuesday mornings, a district representative will be in the front of the school with a sign and a cooler for families to collect the samples during drop-off from 8:30-9am.

You can find sample collection instructions here.

Test tubes go home on Mondays.

Please do the spit test on Tuesday morning and bring it to school for drop off on Tuesdays.

Keep your labels and please label your own student’s tube. Thank you.

OHSU expects to provide families with results within 48 hours of the specimen being dropped off at the school. You will receive a secure email with your child's results. Please be sure the primary email addresses are updated and you have the correct email address noted that you wish results to go to.

  1. If it is a positive result, you will need to call the CSS nurse’s office and inform them immediately and follow the guidance provided to you. You will be asked to keep your child home from school. 503-916-6431 ext. 73339

Looking for Family Volunteers: Preparing the Gym for 6ft Distance During Rainy Day Indoor Lunch

To keep students safe during rainy day indoor lunch, we will be moving to 6ft of space between students. This means that we will be using both the gym and cafeteria on days that we are unable to eat outside due to rain/inclement weather.

We are looking for family volunteers on Thursday, October 21 between the hours of 10:45-3:30 PM, who can help create designated eating areas in the gym. Please email Andrew Dauch, assistant principal if you are interested, and your available times on this date. adauch@pps.net

Chromebook Deployment October 20th, 2021

On Wednesday, October 20th students in grades 3rd-8th will receive new Chromebooks from PPS. All students need to return their old Chromebooks and power cords to CSS on this date. K-2 has Chromebooks in their classrooms in carts. Take home devices are only for grades 3-12. Students will still receive a new Chromebook if they forget to bring their old one. Old Chromebooks will be deactivated on October 20th and will no longer be available for use.

Your child's classroom teacher will provide more information about Chromebook usage. Please contact Andrew Dauch, assistant principal, if you have questions.

Thank you

Andrew Dauch, assistant principal


We are beginning to put out requests for volunteers to the CSS community. We will only utilize essential volunteers at this time to carry out school functions. All volunteers are background checked, required to show proof of vaccination, and must comply with all safety protocols while in the school. You will need to be currently approved through PPS. Sign up to be an approved volunteer here. Approval only lasts three years so if it has been a while please re-submit.


Lost and Found

Our lost and found is currently overflowing!! It will be out front of the building under the overhang by the front door Friday afternoon (10/15 and Monday morning and afternoon 10/18). Please come and look for anything your student might be missing. There are so many items that we cannot keep them in the hallway much longer. Anything that is not claimed or does not have a name in it will be donated at the end of October.

Kinder - 2nd Coffee Chat with Principal Mize

Friday, Oct. 29th, 9-9:30am

9004 Southeast Taylor Street

Portland, OR

Bring your morning tea and coffee to Barrydale park next Friday. This will be a time to connect with other mid-level families and get any lingering questions answered. Please plan to wear a mask and maintain social distance while meeting. Please stay home if you are experiencing any COVID-10 symptoms.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Disease Guidance

Please see the linked document from the Oregon Health Authority. It contains guidelines on students who are ill. Pages 8-12 are especially helpful for parents to determine when they should or shouldn't send a child to school. HERE

Be a part of the 5th Grade CSS Safety Patrol!

The purpose of the student led safety patrol program is to assist students with the safe crossing of busy intersections when going to and from school. Members of the school safety patrol teamwork under the direction of the Schools Safety Patrol Coordinator. All student members of the safety patrol team will be trained in safe crossing techniques by Secretary Lacy, the Safety Patrol Coordinator. Students will be assigned to a team and work one day a week for a month. This is a great opportunity for CSS community service! Student safety patrol team members must have signed consent of a Parent or Guardian prior to joining the school safety patrol team. Get a permission slip from your teacher or here. Safety Patrol is a 5th grade only opportunity. Our training will be on October 27th. We will also be requesting parent volunteers to help monitor the team soon. Thank you!

Roc the Doc Interviews

Hello Creative Science Community,

I am giving an update on the incredible work students are doing in the Roc the Doc Mid Level Elective.

We use the format of the C-Span Student Cam Competition to guide our work. The prompt for 2021-2022: How Does the Federal Government Affect You?

We have completed interviews with Jennica Stephenson regarding the status of Afghan Refugees who will be settled in Oregon via Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

Today we interviewed Professor Jay Mieles of Reed College regarding the plastic eating bacteria his students discovered.

We are also interviewing State Senator Kathleen Taylor today regarding women's issues.

Students have interviewed or will interview several teachers and staff in Creative Science School on various meaningful topics.

Students are interviewing Hospital workers about the impact of Covid. Another group is interviewing Professor Charmain Courcelle of PSU about the impact of the government on Higher Education.

We are looking for some professional athletes or coaches about the gender pay gap.

Kind regards,