Benefits of Gum Chewing

Expository Essay

There are many benefits of gum chewing. Chewing gum regularly may be safe and natural way to boost concentration, fight cavities and combat an out of control appetite.

Chewing gum is a way to boost your memory, concentration and overall Brain power. Statistics show 35% of people who chew gum are able to recall more names than those who don’t chew gum. “Scientist aren’t sure how gum impacts the brain, but they theorize that the act of chewing stimulates heart rate, making the brain more active” (Brian East Dean). “An addition to that gum chewing can help improve your memory because chewing stimulate the pancreatic hormone insulin, which can improve memory”(Brian East Dean). Sugar-free gum helps reduce cavity risk significantly. “Chewing gum stimulates saliva products “. “Saliva reduces the acidity of the mouth and gives the teeth the minerals they need to bounce back from damage”. chewing gum can keep appetite in check. “in a paper published in august 2006 issue of appetite chewing gum before a meal significantly reduces overall caloric intake”(Brian East Dean).

Chewing Gum was invented by an accident. “In 1928, bubble gum was invented by a man named Walter E. Diemer” (HISTORY ARCHIVE). He was an accountant in philadelphia, exploring the new recipe for gum. But on lunch and after hours he was an inventor.”It was an accident” He said two years before his death”(HISTORY ARCHIVE). The characteristic color pink came about because that was the only type of food coloring that was available when he made the recipe (HISTORY ARCHIVE). He took five-pound batch to a small philadelphia grocery store where it sold out in one afternoon for penny a piece.Diemer continued to refine his recipe through december. Then the fleer company took over production, wrapped the new gum in yellow wrapper and called it Double Bubble. Dubble bubble wasn't the first bubble gum made, but it was the first one that was actually successful. Diemer died of congestive heart failure in 19998 at a hospital in Laster. He was 93.

Diemer was very proud of his work. “He was terrifically proud of it,” mrs. Diemer said. “He would say to me: ‘I’ve done something with my life. I've made kids happy around the world” (HISTORY ARCHIVE). May Diemer rest in Peace.

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