Nat Turner

Steven Brauer

Life before the Rebellion

Nat Turner was born on October 2nd, 1800 on the Southampton County Plantation. His mother's name was Nancy and there is no record of his dad. His early years were very good. His owner allowed him to learn how to read, write, and also learn about religion. He became deeply involved in religion and believed that God chose him as a prophet and that he should free the slaves and kill the white folk.

Images of the rebellion.

Death of Nat Turner & how he changed the world

Nat Turner was hung on November 11, 1831 12 days after he was captured. Nat Turner served as an inspiration for other slaves during this time including the abolitionist movement in the North to end slavery. In modern time he was an important icon for the !960's Black civil rights movement. He was also the subject of William Styron's 1967 Pulitzer Prize winning novel the Confessions of Nat Turner.
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