Jackson The Zero

Trinity Pettit p.7

National Bank

Andrew Jackson thought that they were using the national bank for the rich but it was actually giving people jobs and keeping the constitution organized . he also seems o not care for the rich just the "commen men" cause he was a "commen man".

Trail Of Tears

when Andrew Jackson made all of the naive Americans pack up and move (walk) of of their land , he promised to give them supplies,keep them healthy,and give them medicine but he broke that promise and many died in the trail of tears and all he really cared abut was their land.

Spoils System

when Jackson wanted something he just gave people jobs who dident deserve them .it was unfair to those who would work hard for them and he abuses his power to much by saying that he can do anything like give jobs to people .

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon explains when Andrew Jackson made the Cherokee stop what their doing and become more american by religion and language

Andrew Jackson / Villain or Hero