Welcome to the Future of Images....Make Them Come Alive!

What is Thinglink?

ThingLink is a FREE web-based program that allows you to make images come alive by embedding links within the image. It also has an app that can be downloaded to an Andriod or Apple device. The program is very user friendly, and you can create interactive images for your students to use within minutes!

To sign up and create a FREE teacher account go to

If you already have a personal account, you can upgrade your personal account to teacher account by using this link Log in to your personal account before clicking on the link and it will automatically upgrade your account.

Ideas for using Thinglink in the Classroom

*Identify story setting, places, and events on a map

*Use Thinglink image as preparation for classroom discussion

*Visualize a process

*Link and Explain

*Share a list and links (ex. crossword puzzle hints)

*Identify places on a map

*Photo based quizzes

*Make a wordle with vocabulary words-add links with definitions

*Make artwork talk

*Interactive photo collage

*Interactive book talk-have students take a photo of a book cover and create audio ads or video booktrailers


*Getting to know you-introductions

*Use Thinglink as a "table of contents"

*Highlight and share student work

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