Computer Hardware

Everything you need to know about computers

What is a virtual Hard drive

A virtual hard drvie is a cloud of a massvie amount of space that seemed almost limitless. this means that you can store and access your work from anywhere in the world via a internet based device.Also you can edit the work on one machine, Knowing that you wont lose your work if your hard drive breaks, because the work will be online.

What is an Optical Drive

An optical drive is a laser that uses to read or write infromation on discs. These optical drives are mostly found in computers. Spme optical drivers are not in computers, some can be found in a, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, or a cd player. The optical drive is made out of 3 compnents;lasers, lens, and a photodiode. the lasers writes on the discs or reads the disc. The lens are used to guide the lasers across the disc.And lastly the phtodiode detects light which is reflected from the disc.

what is a monitor

A monitor is a screen that shows videos and graphics generated through a video card. Monitors are verly like televison sbut they are more HD and have a higher graphics resolution.The monitor comprises the display device. The display device in new monitors have liquid crystal display

what are input/output devices

Many of us dont know what input/ output devices are. Input devices are devices that you connect to your computer/laptop etc. Example: keyboard mouses are input devices because they give information to your comuter so you can use it, Output devices are  devices that give us information from the computer, such as a photocopier or a printer. The are also some devices that both work as an input/output device

touch screens

Touch screen is adisplay device that lets a person using it interact with the computer by touching it. Instead of using a pointing device or laser pointer, you can use your finger to interact with the touch screen. Other stuff instead of computers use a touch screen, such as atm machines, car navigation and on tablets. Also now they have become hugely popular and they are on most smartphones acrosss the world.