steffen crabbe

about me

my life

I go to Barton middle school and play football I was a corner. I play dodge ball at my friends house every now and then. every year on Christmas my family comes. when I had lived in new York every year when it snowed my family and some friends would go to a steep hill and ride our sleds down it. my favorite type of dog is the bull mastiff. one time my friend had let me ride her snowboard then I ended up falling. One of my favorite hobbies is fishing with my dad. My favorite video game is skyrim elder scrolls. my favorite website is cool math games because they have a lot of games I like. I also liked to go golfing with my grandpa in Ohio. One year me,my friends,and my family went to Puerta Rico. we went scuba diving and I got to see an eel and try a non-alcoholic pina colada.