Henry Clay's American System

What was the american system, who supported it and who didn't.

The American System was created just after the end of the war of
1812. The Plan had 3 parts.
1. The start of a Protective Tariff, or a tariff, tax, on imported goods
which would be set at such a high rate that no American would buy
that good. This would support the sale of AMERICAN GOODS over
those of foreign goods.

2. The US Government would fund " Internal Improvements" such as
the building of roads, like the National Road and the building of
canals, like the Erie canal.

3. The reestablishment of the Bank of the US, called the " 2nd bank
of the US. This would support the expansion of business and trade.

Presidents Madison and Monroe along with Henry Clay and New
Englander John Q Adams supported this. John C Calhoun from the
south did not support this because the high tariff would hurt southern
trade. Andrew Jackson spent his presidency killing the plan,
especally the bank, because as a farmer he thought banks were to
greedy and to pro rich.