Special for MNR Dancers


Group, semi private or private classes discounted ONLY for MNR

Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® is being used by professional dancers around the world to resolve injuries, increase range of motion, and keep the body free of pain. Join the professionals and learn principles you can take right into class to improve your dancing and take yourself to the next level.

Put together a session that suits your schedule

For dancers 12 and up we can do a group of three students on the Gyrotonic towers and specialty equipment, or do Gyrokinesis®, the floor work, which Miami City Ballet does regularly. Private/semi-private sessions with Master Teacher Barbara Schwarz are also available at a substantial discount just for the dancers at MNR. Resolve back pain, increase your extensions with ease, learn to land soundlessly, work on your turnout, resolve knee issues. You will be amazed at how good your body can feel when you dance. Don't wait for injuries that sideline you, learn principles now that can make your dance career longer and pain free. Call 310-413-7671 for information and pricing!

Ask Roni about Gyrotonic and what it can do!

Barbara Schwarz

Barbara has been teaching Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis for 18 years. After a long theatrical career including Broadway, Barbara went into fitness when she decided to have a family. She has a passion for the work because it feels so good to move freely, without the drama of tight joints and muscles that keep you from dancing to your potential.


GYROTONIC L.A. is a beautiful boutique studio located in Santa Monica, between Pico and Michigan. We teach in an intimate nurturing setting, where the clients needs always come first.