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Tips for Organizing Student Accommodations

Why Get Organized?

Whether you have been implementing accommodations for one student or twenty students, now is the time to get a good system in place for ensuring you are implementing individual student's accommodations appropriately. Instructors are legally required to implement accommodations within their online classrooms. The online classroom is very transparent and it is easily evident if accommodations are implemented or not. The student's accommodations have been determined to be necessary for the student to successfully participate in the educational environment.

To give the student the greatest chance for success, it is important to implement the specific accommodations. Not all students need the same accommodations. If an accommodation for extended time on assignments is not listed, then that student does not need that accommodation to be successful. If using graphic organizers to construct essays is an accommodation, then provide this organizational tool to the student before any lengthy written assignment. Every student comes to the table with their own strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and learning preferences. By implementing the accommodations, instructors can help tailor the course to meet the needs of the student. Having an organizational system that allows an instructor to see at a glance the specific accommodations of each student will help ensure the specific accommodations are implemented throughout the semester. In addition, having the information readily available in an organized format will help the instructor be efficient with their time. The instructor will not need to locate the accommodations for each student to be reminded of the accommodations.

Online learning continues to become a desirable option for many students, including special needs students. Every semester more and more special needs students are choosing to enroll in online courses. With continued growth and serving more students, it is important to get a good system in place now!

Organizational Tips

How to Organize Accommodations Template Ideas

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Teacher Responsibilities

When you receive an email outlining accommodations for a specific student, what are the instructors responsibilities?
  • Read the Teacher Expectations in the accommodations email and ensure you follow through with each bullet point listed.
  • Reply All to the Accommodations email acknowledging receipt of accommodations.
  • IF the student has an accommodation for extended time on quiz items (quizzes and tests), be sure to add extended time within 3 days of the student entering your class or of receipt of the accommodation email.
  • IF the student has an accommodation to reduce coursework, then within three school days of the student entering your class or receipt of the accommodation email, indicate in the gradebook feedback the grade items which are not required and/or items which are reduced/shortened. Place a stamp indicating the exempt/reduced items AND mark the item "exempt" within the gradebook.
  • IF the student has an accommodation to be check-in weekly, then schedule a day to check-in. Follow through and email the student regularly.
  • Document all communication!

Know When to Call the Cavalry

Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. The Special Needs Team is here to be a resource. If you have any questions, need a specific resource, need help communicating policy, and more; please communicate with us!

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