Welcome to Earth

The Trip of a Lifetime May Just Take a Lifetime!

By: Macy Goodson

What to Know, Before You Go

Earth- the planet on which we live on; is made up of water and land. It was created 4.5 billion years ago! On the trip to earth the first thing you will see is the massive size! Earth is 12,756.3 km, with a mass of 5.972e24 kg! By getting closer, you will see the Earth’s moon. Earth is about 75% water, and 25% land. The Earth supports so much diverse life! Earth also has seasons that change often, which changes the appearance of the life and land in most places. As you take in the breathtaking sites, enjoy the free and limitless oxygen!

What To Do, What To Do?

When you finally arrive, be sure and check-out these suggested places! The Great Wall of China,as seen on the way in! New York City is one of our main cities, so be sure and check that out! Places like Niagara Falls, Mount Kea, Pink Lake, Glow Worm Cave and the Egyptian Pyramids are some must sees for your trip! There are so many things to do here, so make sure to consult a travel agent before arriving!

The Science Behind Earth

The Earth’s tilted axis makes the seasons happens! The season change by uration, which many increase seasonal effects. We revolve around the sun, along with other planets like Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and others. Earth and other planets are spheres because gravity pulls them into the center. Gravity also is the force behind the movement of the solar system. The sun is the source of all our energy, and the sun is the center of our universe. The light years are the amount of time it takes to travel to Earth, so plan in some extra time during the trip (save some for rest-stops)!

Packing 101

Pack a coat, in case you head to a polar region. Don't forget sunscreen in case you hit the beach, and don’t forget the essential sunglasses! Comfortable shoes are a must since walking is the main way of travel in some places. Bring something to hold stuff (maybe a couple of souvenirs?), such as a backpack.Check the weather before your trip! And most importantly bring this brochure to help your experience be the absolute best!