Briefing Paper 1

The Initial Notification of Inspection

We will get the phone call from Ofsted on Thursday morning informing us that the inspection will start on the following Monday. The phone call will be to Sally Dicketts as the CEO of Activate Learning Group.

Lesley will send an e-mail to inform everybody at Reading. Managers will call a meeting to clarify what next.

The inspection includes all 3 Activate Learning Group colleges (City of Oxford, Banbury and Reading). It is likely the Lead Inspector will be based in Oxford as a central location. 2 day short notice inspections now last just 5 days, with most of the inspection activity taking place from Tuesday to Thursday. Here in Reading the baseroom for inspectors will be room B2.

Prior to arriving on Monday morning, inspectors will request the following documents be uploaded to the inspection portal to assist them in their inspection planning:

1. Overall student numbers and by age group and full and part time.

2. Latest college retention rates, achievement rates, success rates and high grades.

3. Timetables for all courses in scope for all 3 colleges.

4. The Activate Group self assessment report and improvement plan.

The Lead inspector will also want logistical details of the inspection for example which courses are offered at which colleges, where the inspection base rooms are located and parking arrangements.

It is likely that 1 subject inspector will be inspecting across the group, for example in the subject sector area of Business. That inspector would visit Banbury, Oxford and Reading.

Ofsted now award grades for the following aspects in a college inspection:

Overall effectiveness

Outcomes for learners

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Leadership and Management

There are 4 grades in the current inspection framework:

Grade 1 - Outstanding

Grade 2 - Good

Grade 3 - Requires Improvement

Grade 4 - Inadequate