High School Memories

Friends & Family

Scouts Football Game (pattern 2)

Celebrating together

we apart never.

Getting hot cocoa

so we don't go loco.

Sitting at the football games

so we aren't lame.

Singing to the fight song

that isn't very long.

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The Big Win (pattern 1)

Butterflies fluttering, at the end of eighth

Legs shaking, while holding the heavy bags

Hands shivering, standing outside on the field

Preparing for the game

at 7:30

for the kick-off

as a team

around together

for the big win.

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The Boyfriend (pattern 3)

Two people, Kevin and I, a couple for good

working together as a team,

organizing days together,

fighting to come and to go,

keeping the love between us,

maintaing a strong relationship.

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The Lil Sis and I (pattern 4)

Before going out,

Amber and I try on clothes

to see before we leave,

to look as good as possible,

to seem as confident as we are,

to put on a big, bright smile.

Amber and I were going to a party.

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Brother and I (pattern 5)

Walking around,

we are at Apple Holler.

Looking around,

we see an elf.

In the middle of fall,

not even close to winter.

We stop and pose.

"Snap", the picture was taken.

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My favorite moment, from the above pictures, is the prom picture I have of my boyfriend and I. I was a junior last year and prom was the first dance that I got to go to with my closest friends and the best boyfriend that I have. All of my friends last year were seniors, well most of them, so this year, my senior prom, I wouldn't have as may friends that I am close with going. It was just a good experience for me with my friends from last year to bond one last time before they were all off to college.

This moment from prom gives me the senior experience, in a way, because I felt like I was one of the seniors and it made me feel like I had more people there for me. It gave me a great feeling of being with tons of people that I enjoyed being with, people that I loved as a friend and as a boyfriend. Being with my boyfriend during it was a great experience because I know that I will be with him at prom again this year, as well as turnabout.

I know that in the future I will still be with the boyfriend that I am currently with from the picture above. I know this because of what we both want with us in the future and for the good choices that we make along the way. The group of people that I went to prom with, I hope that I was still good friends with them to this day, but I am not. I contact one of the people from the group but the others are all gone and too far from here to even be in contact with them anymore. It gave me the feeling to just stop talking with them and focus on what I am doing and what I need to do.