Moose Troop

March 2014 Team Newsletter

Hello April...oh, how I've missed you!

It's April! Can you believe it?! The weather is getting warmer and the Thirty One deals are getting hotter! I hope you were able to make it the April Celebrate & Connect and got to see the new summer prints and patterns coming your way! If not, don't worry. I am here to fill you in on what's been going on, what's coming up, and how we've all been doing.

Megan's Office Hours and Contact Info

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8pm-9pm

Sunday: 2pm-5pm

*or by scheduled appointment

Contact information:


Phone- (989) 302-1452

Facebook Group- Moose Troop

*texting is the best way to contact me

Thirty One Home Office:

Phone- (614) 414-4438 (TOT)

IMPORTANT DATES!! (put them on your calendar now)

  • April 1-15th: Ready, Set, Sell Incentive earning period $300/$600/$1200 level kits. (Do not wait until the 15th to put your order in, I recommend as early as possible to get faster shipping)
  • April 1st: Add-on kit available to purchase in your back office. It's only $31 and it's totally worth it!
  • April 7th: Summer Business Supplies available to view and purchase on TOT. Lots of new flyers and information related to the summer catalog will be posted on TOT as well.
  • April 16th: Two new summer enrollment kits available. The black/pink option that is on the back of your catalog and a new turquoise option.
  • April 30th: Last day for Spring catalog. Continue to check the Business Update on TOT for 'stop sell' and 'low inventory' items that are on the Retirement List. Encourage your customers to order retirement list items as soon as possible to guarantee they get them!!
  • May 1st: Summer catalog goes live!
  • May 7th-22nd: Register to attend June C&C, they will be held June 14-21st. My meeting will be Tuesday, June 17th at 6:30pm!
  • May 31st: Last day to register for National Conference. I am going! Please let me know if you want more information or are interested in going.

Ready, Set, Sell Incentive- Earning period is April 1st-15th

When you are partying and making money April 1st-15th, Thirty One will be rewarding you for your hard work by sending you new summer products for FREE!!!
  • Submit $300 in Personal Volume (PV): Pack of catalogs, pack of mini catalogs, Explorista Crossbody in Dark Teal, Essential Storage Tote in Daisy Craze, and Free to Be Soft Wallet in Natural with Daisy Craze.
  • Submit $600: Everything listed above ++++ stationary sample set, fabric swatches, Cinch-Top Bin in Black Parisian Pop, Her Deluxe Backpack (new Hostess Exclusive) in black, and the Badge Buddy in Black Parisian Pop.
  • Submit $1200: Everything listed in $300 and $600 levels +++ a $75 credit to use on anything in the new summer catalog!!

Set your goals high ladies!! Just $600 in PV and you will earn $150 in commission and products totaling $276.50!! $600 in PV is only 10 April Specials!!

Wait! There's more! An additional incentive!!

I will be tracking the level you earn for Ready, Set, Sell. I will be sending you business supplies to help you stay organized with your business this summer! The higher the level you earn, the more business supplies you earn. Below is an example of some products that might be coming your way!!



Heather Hanton: $1,082.50
Shana Musselman: $647.50

Way to go ladies!!!


April Special! Duffles for only $25 when your customers spend $35!

This is a great special to boost your April sales. And, as most of you know these duffles are not in the new catalog. Here are some ideas for your customers:
  • Wedding gifts for the bride and groom with their new last name.
  • A perfect bag for your child's summer camp.
  • Mothers & Fathers Day gifts, get a matching set!

And Icons are only $5, $7 when you add text! Another great way to boost your sales!


Use these to fill your summer calendar!

  • In May when your customers spend $31 (yes, only $31) they can get one of three thermals for 1/2 off: Fresh Market Thermal, Picnic Thermal, and the Perfect Party Set.
  • Your May hostesses will also be able to get a retired style in brand new prints, the Making Memories Thermal for $31 when she hosts a $200 party. This is a large rolling thermal that is perfect for the beach or long weekends away!


  • In June when your customers spend $35, they can get the Deluxe Utility Tote for $25 or the Large Utility Tote for $10.
  • Your June Hostesses will be able to get the Deluxe Utility Tote for only $10 when she hosts a $200 party (that's savings of $40!!!).


Listen to this 31 minute call on TOT!

Log into TOT, click Training, click 31 minute calls, choose Customer Care
Choose the 31 minute call titled "Build your business with your current customer base" by Wendi Jacobs.

This call will give you great tips to increase your sales, bookings, and customer loyalty be taking a offering suggestions that are free or low cost and will ensure your customers think of you when they think of Thirty One!