Batesville Elementary

April Newsletter: Our Favorite 4 Letter Word

All You Need is Love

I remember bringing a video of this song to my Doctoral coursework in UTSA, and really stressing how important love is in schools (most of my classmates thought it was kind of silly). Beyond curriculum, way beyond the STAAR, Love is the fuel that helps teachers power through, when their super-human powers begin to decline. Love is what keeps are hallways and classrooms bubbling during those difficult lessons on inference, density, and geometry. Love is what drives me to try to be a better principal than I am. It is the seed of our GED and parent programs. It is a great blessing for me to come to Batesville Elementary each day and see so many small and large examples of our mission's #1 pillar: LOVE.

We are looking at 7 weeks of pushing ourselves to be that special that I know exists in this school as we prepare for our STAAR tests. During that time our campus team is going to bring the love everyday and in everything we do.


Key Dates to Remember

April 3rd- Paraprofessional's day

April 9th- 4th grade writing STAAR and 5th grade Math STAAR (closed campus)

April 10th- 5th Grade Reading STAAR (closed campus)

April 12th- K-3rd grade Field trip to Natural Bridge Caverns

April 15th- UCISD School Board Meeting

April 18th- Uvalde RDSPD Restaurant Day

April 19th- Good Friday (School Holiday)

April 24th- Secretary's day

April 26th- 4th Grade Ag Fair Field Trip