Where To Begin Cleaning...

After 22 years in teaching

Help! I am drowning in paper!

A few years ago in our house we experienced some minor flooding which did cause me to remove all of the boxes from the cold room. Ultimately, many carefully filed projects were ruined and made their way to the recycling pile. In the end, I think I had a total of 15 bags full of paper. Now, I find myself drowning in boxes and bins filled with paper products from the various grade levels I have had the opportunity to teach. Why...you ask would anyone ever keep so much stuff? My answer was always, 'well, you never know when you might teach that grade again and you might need some of that stuff!' Believe me - you don't need it! Nor should you consider using it. Again, you might ask 'why?' Simple answer - times change, information is changing at the speed of light these days, we have access to information 24-7 via the Internet and more importantly, students change. You do not yet know your students so why oh why would you proceed to plan an entire year of "themes" without them?

How Long Have You Been Teaching & Saving?

Do not expect that this purging and clean up will take only a day. You need to jump in, get started and commit to at least three hours a day (especially if you have been teaching and saving as long as I have!). Do not expect that 'non-teaching' members in your house will understand. Forge ahead fearlessly.



Tomorrow we have an appointment with "Got Junk" and we are hopeful that the estimate will be reasonable. Day five and I feel successful! I feel more organized and almost a sense of relief. Unfortunately, I am in severe back pain and completing this project on my own was probably not the best idea. On another note, I am very pleased that my boys were ready to give up their mini sticks, two broken hockey nets and balls of all sizes and shapes.


I cannot believe what I accomplished in six days! My basement is done, finished, organized, and void of all junk that was serving no purpose. Hooray! Again, my best advice is to do this sooner rather than later and also do not expect that anyone in your house will assist you in this venture. You will feel satisfied! Moving onto professional reading.