The Power of Perseverance

by Gabriel Scharosch


Intro to perserverance

I would define perseverance as never giving up despite adversity and hardship and to keep pushing forward. I chose this definition because it is what all the people we researched had in common and they all never gave up.

Maury Wills sequence to overcoming adversity

Maury Wills was an African american baseball player who had a strong resolve to join the majors. He tried but didn't make it. He was placed in the minors because his hitting was so inadequate. The first thing he did was practice his hitting for several hours a day. After due to not improving he talked to a coach who suggested switch hitting. He improved enough to make it onto the Dodgers but his hitting still wasn't major league level. He finally asked Pete Reiser for help and he realized that they needed to work on the mental prep not physical. After practicing both mentally and physically he became an elite ballplayer and was one of the best in the MLB.
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Maury Willis in his Dodgers Uniform

Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt compare and Contrast

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Louie Zamperini's Description of Adversity

The main adversity Louie faced was being captured in a Japanese POW camp. This is a place during WWII that the Japanese interrogated and tortured american soldiers and their allies for information. The particular camp he was at, Omori a man nicknamed the bird was out to get Louie and was very combative. Every day the Bird would beat the POW prisoners for no reason at all. He would enforce ridiculously violent punishments for things like crossing your arms. He would order men to break rules then punish them for breaking them. Food was horrible and the men were starved. The Bird would rip up any letters or packages from home. The soldiers were also forced to do manual labor while enslaved. That was the main adversity Louie faced
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A picture of Louie in his Military uniform

Cause and Effect of Tom Monaghan

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Cesar Chavez Problem Solution

The main adversity Chavez faced was the that farm workers weren't getting fair treatment. So the farm workers went on strike to try to get equal rights for the workers, but that only worked temporarily. when that didn't work Chavez came up with another solution. He supported the California's Agricultural Labor Relations Act which promised to end misery and keep justice for farm workers. Hostile Governors opposed the act and undercut the effectiveness of the act. Still Chavez refused to yield and came up with yet another solution. Chavez led the union though a long boycott and it eventually succeeded.
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A picture of Cesar Chavez During his union time


We can learn a lot from the perseverance of others. We can learn some key character though their actions like resilience, determination, patience and some others. Also how to approach different problems we may face. That is what we can learn from the perseverance of others.