Fifth Grade Newsletter

February 28, 2019

Reading STAAR Simulations

On March 4th your child will be taking the Reading STAAR Simulations (practice STAAR tests). We ask that you do not schedule any appointments on these days. It is important for your child to arrive to school on time and be present for the test. Please direct any questions to your child's homeroom teacher.

Note from Nurse Vanstory - Video and Permission Form


On March 8th at 2:00 in the afternoon, we will be showing the 5th grade maturation video. The program is called Always Changing for Girls/Boys. The boys and girls will be separated and shown their respective video. Your child brought the permission form home today in their Thursday Folder. The permission form is also below, in case their copy didn't make it home for you. The link for you to view the video, if you would like, is also noted on the permission slip. These permission slips must be turned in by March 8th. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Middle School Course Cards Due

The due date for middle school course cards has passed. If your child has not returned it, please send in in ASAP. Mrs. Hendrix will accept them for a few more days before she sends them to the middle school. Even if you are planning on moving, we are asking all students to fill one out and indicate at the top which middle school your child is planning to attend.

Class Party Money

The PTA helps with the class parties by collecting the money, organizing the room parents and handling all reimbursements. This year, we asked you to please send in your one-time class party donation of $12.00 cash or check (payable to Smith PTA) or pay online to cover all three class parties for the year. If you have already paid, thank you! If you haven’t, please make your payment as soon as possible. At this point in time, we have only received about 55% of fifth grade party payments. We are hoping to reach 100% soon!

If you have any questions or concerns about this or are unsure if you have paid, please contact Katie Augustine, PTA Treasurer (email!

Cold Weather and Recess

When bundling your child up for school each morning, please keep the following recess guidelines in mind:

  • We will go out for recess if the temperature/wind chill is ABOVE 37 degrees.
  • If the temperature/wind chill is BETWEEN 32 and 37 degrees, we will go outside for half of recess.
  • We will have indoor recess if the temperature/wind chill is BELOW 32 degrees.
  • Teachers check the temperature/wind chill shortly before recess time (10:00 am).


Math - Two-Dimensional Figures

Reading - Poetry

Writing - Research-Based Opinion Writing

Science - Food Webs

Social Studies - Industrial Revolution

Counselor's Corner

The month of February is a great time to talk about appreciating diversity. Mrs. Hendrix has led discussions about how people have so many ways they are the same on the inside even if they look different on the outside. In kindergarten and first grade we used a brown egg and a white egg to illustrate this concept. We cracked the eggs to find out that they are the same on the inside just like most people want and need the same things like; friends, love, hopes, and dreams.

This week is Friendship week when we spend time honoring our friends and improving our friendship skills.

Big picture

Important Dates

March 4 -Reading STAAR Simulation

March 10 - Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 11-15-Spring Break-No School

April 6 - Spring Carnival

April 9-10 - STAAR Testing

Profile of a Future-Ready Learner

Frisco ISD prepares students for success in futures they create. In addition to academics, students are challenged and supported in developing their abilities in other areas.

You can help your child be Future Ready at home by teaching them to contribute.