Workplace Bullying

NZEI Workshop. 26th November 2013

How did you rate the workshop?

15 workshop participants completed this section, and rated the workshop as follows (rounded to nearest whole number, so may not add to 100%!):

  • Facilitators' punctuality: 7% = adequate; 27% = good; 67% = excellent
  • Facilitators' presentation: 27% = good; 73% = excellent
  • Materials used: 40% = good; 60% = excellent
  • Pace of training: 40% = good; 60% = excellent
  • Variety of activities: 60% = good; 40% = excellent
  • Usefulness of strategies: 53% = good; 47% = excellent
  • Confidence to employ strategies: 14% = adequate; 60% = good; 27% = excellent
  • Time allowed to cover content: 14% = adequate; 27% = good; 60% = excellent
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What went well?

  • Was all useful and relevant at present.
  • Great presentation. Thought maybe it was for those with problems at present. I would have liked more on confidence building (maybe that was a time thing). A great variety of activities etc. I enjoyed it.
  • Time as a group of people I didn't know previously, and found we all had similar experiences and could identify what bullying looks/feels/sounds like.
  • A good general insight.
  • Analysing what is bullying.
  • Very well presented. Good coverage: defined bullying and strategies to deal with it.
  • Nice pace, well presented. Very good ice-breakers at the beginning.
  • Interaction between groups/individuals.
  • Atmosphere was set up well, with the ice-breakers etc.
  • brainstorming, collaborating on issues.
  • mingling with new people. Brainstorming ideas. Ideas to help deal with bullying.
  • A great workshop at the end of a busy day.

What was particularly useful?

  • Information.
  • Discussion - defining bullying with others.
  • To pinpoint what constitutes bullying and how to deal with it.
  • Quick tips for responding to a bully in a pinch; collaborative format of workshop.
  • Discussion about the continued atmosphere that is created when there are bullies - watching the Green Wing video clips.
  • Identifying bullying behaviour.
  • The definition of what bullying is, well broken down.
  • Confrontation tactics.
  • Who to contact, and what to do beforehand.
  • Strategies to deal with bullying.
  • Links to helpful groups.
  • Exercise defining bullying as compared with difficult behaviours.
  • The 5 lines to say to a bully.
  • Recognising the difference between a bully and a socially challenged person.
  • The agencies etc to seek assistance.
  • The wiki will be great.
  • The Valerie Cade videos.
  • Your personal experiences made it real, not theory!
  • Descriptions and definitions.

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Did the training fit your needs?

  • It has made me think about the situation at work, and some ideas to try.
  • Yes! (6 participants)
  • A good insight, and knowledge to store for the future or to pass on.
  • It enabled discussion with other participants.
  • The videos were insightful
  • Just listening to the speakers was very interesting.
  • Yes - I don't have needs at the present, but feel I have the knowledge to support others and know where to go if I have needs in the future.
  • Gave me some great suggestions of places to start.
  • Mostly. It is difficult when the bully is stoned most of the time and doesn't "remember" some of his bullying.

What could be improved?

  • More time, so we could fit in the role plays, especially around what could be done and using the one-liners.

What would you like more information on?

  • Suggestions for dealing with workplace bullying whose source is more than one person (ie a toxic DP/Principal relationship where both bully other staff members).
  • The wiki will be useful for this, and you gave us good links to where we can go for more information.
  • More strategies for addressing bullying.

Using the wiki.

Only 5 of the 16 participants who completed this section have used a wiki before.

The general feeling among the other 11 was that they would give it a try!

Any other comments or suggestions?

  • Thank you very much!
  • The follow up contact sounds good.
  • Would have been nice to have an open sound board to voice personal experiences.
  • Lovely food, company, setting and resources. Thanks ladies.
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