December 2020 & Happy 2021!

Director's Message

Dear AISM Families,

This was not the December Newsletter I imagined writing. After a little over 2 weeks, of in person classes at AISM, we had to return to online classes. After doing our best with precautions and following the health and safety rules, it still wasn't enough. We had COVID 19 on our campus. There are factors outside the school, that contribute to the school, that ultimately, may have impacted the school. We now know, we must be stricter with protocols to stay safer. Moreover, there are several mitigating factors that we can implement, when we are able to return to campus. Moving forward all classes, regardless of size, will stay with their class only. Further, there will be an evaluation of food service on campus. Students may need to bring packed lunches. More information to follow as we review the situation.

Initially, we thought, we would be able to come back to campus, for the week of December 7-11. Unfortunately, we can not open the campus yet. Online classes will continue until the the Winter Break on December 11th.

Returning to campus:

AISM will require all students, teachers and teacher assistants to be tested before returning to campus. The test must have been taken within 3 days of retuning to campus. On January 4, 2021, tests will be provided at AISM. We hope to have the results back by January 8th. Hopefully we will resume in person classes on January 11th.

Starting with this protocol, we would've taken even further precautions to protect everyone. Thereby, if and when there is another COVID positive on campus, we would be able to isolate the case and not have to close the entire campus. As we all know from the news reports, many schools worldwide are struggling to keep the school doors open. We are not alone.

What we can do is re-double our efforts with handwashing, mask wearing and social distancing. By taking a few more stringent steps towards precaution we will all be in safer space. I have been notified that our shipment of PPE from the US will finally arrive on December 12th. This order has been delayed due to COVID, it has items that can be used in the classroom, to promote social distancing.

We want to thank all of you, for your support and patience. Both the Teachers and I are sad that students are not on campus. The background of this newsletter (unintentionally) speaks volumes. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season, an enjoyable break, and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Dr. Bobbi

AISM Online Class Rules -

As we return to online learning it is important that students adhere to rules that may or may not been explicitly stated in the past. Please review the rules and watch the video with students.

The rules are as follows:

1. Students are to be on time to class.

2. Students are to be seated (not lying down).

3. Students are to have their cameras on.

4. Students are to be respectful.

Virtual Class Rules

AISM Virtual PTA MEETING Rescheduled

Monday, December 7th at 5pm

See the Link Below

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December 9th - AISM PTA - Holiday Giving

As we all know we are truly fortunate. Even in the face of COVID 19 and many other life circumstances we can still count our blessings. When we go outside the gates of our school or compound we are quickly reminded of the needs of others.

On that note we will have Donation Boxes set up on December 9th. Please feel to bring rice, oil, or other household items that families here in Liberia, use and need. We are also accepting toys as donations. We will proudly contribute to local families on behalf of the AISM families.

The donation boxes will be set up on December 9th. Please feel free to come by the school between the hours of 3pm - 6pm. If you cant make it during this time period you can drop your donation off, anytime on that day.

We may even have a surprise for you! - This is an AISM PTA Event!