What are Fossils?

Fossils are the remains of plants and animals. Fossils are the markings of plants and animals. Fossils show how plants and animals have changed overtime.

Where are Fossils located?

Fossils are located in rocks. They can also be discovered in caves.

Random Facts about Fossils

Almost every single fossil have living relatives of its kind. Fossils will harden over time.


Trilobite is a tiny crab-liked animal that lives on the sea floor. the outer shell is made of joined pieces. Some have eyes that look like long stalks. Trilobite is from the Ordovician period.


Ammonite is an animal that is like a squid. Ammonites live in a big shell with their tentacles hanging from the sides. Ammonites are from the Jurassic Period.

Brittle Stars

Brittle stars can be confused with sea stars because they look a lot alike. Everyone has five long arms and a body in the center. Brittle stars come from Jurassic rocks.


Mayflies form into fossils only in fine-grained mud shortly after their death. Mayflies are from the Cretaceous period.

Albertosaurus Skull

Albertosaurus was a dinosaur that was a carnivore. There fossils are usually found close together. Some archeologists think they lived in groups.

Places to find Fossils

Dinosaur Quarry, Utah has more fossils than any other place in the world! They have over 12,000 fossils!

Chalk Cliffs, Great Britain has a powdery rock with millions of tiny shells.

Coal Mines are a good place to find fossils because coal is a sedimentary rock that is formed from fossilized plants.


In conclusion fossils are plants and animals that lived long ago or the remains and markings of animals that are now extinct. Thank you for watching this presentation.
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Fossil Formation

Fossils are formed when animals die and are buried in dirt, sand, mud, etc. Sediment then covers the remains to form what we call a fossil. When the dead animal is forming into a fossil it's parts do not rot .