Grant Bostick 10/16/15

Definition of bipolar

imbalences in the brain that causes mood swings.

One of things so bad about depression and bipolar disorder is that if you don't have prior awareness, you don't have any idea what hit you.

By: Kay Redfield Jamison

Gender specific/Age specific

Gender- both gender specific

Age- can be diagnosed at age 15. symptoms could start earlier.

Background info

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic-depression, is characterized by moods that swing between two opposite poles.

it is a complex condition that involves genetic, environmental, and other factors.


chemical imbalanced in their brain. thyroid glands produce too much hyperthyroidism.


mood changes multiple times a day, depression


Treatment for bipolar

bipolar disorder is treated with three main classes of medication: mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and, while their safety and effectiveness for the condition are sometimes controversial, antidepressants.

3 agencies

National Institute of Mental Health

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill ‑ NAMI

Department of Health and Human Resources Capitol Complex Bldg. 3 Room 206. Charleston, WV 25305

What is bipolar disorder?
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