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Hello friends, I am Lora and I am an IT manager. I got married 2 years back and live a happy married life with my hubby. One thing I want to share with you is that I was a hard core smoker and I used to intake 2 to 2.5 packs of cigarettes per day. I knew the fact that cigarettes are injurious to or health but I didn’t change my addiction even after many trials. Despite knowing the fact that smoking adversely affects our body, I couldn’t quit my addiction for smoking. I was always worried about the adverse effects of smoking in my health. One day, my friend told me about the technically designed alternative to tobacco i.e. electronic cigarettes. I was very happy to know about this newly introduced electronic device. But I was not aware about where to buy electronic cigarettes as I had never heard about this device.

On my birth day, my friend gifted me a packet of V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes. From that day, I never turned toward tobacco cigarettes again in my life. V2 cigs e cigarette allows me to smoke legally in some restaurants, bars, theaters and even on some airplanes. I was very happy to know the fact that I can smoke almost anywhere I want without bothering anyone. It is true that after a full day of tobacco smoking, not only did my breath stink, but my car, home and clothes all smelled like smoke and ash. But, with V2 cigs electronic cigarettes, I no longer have to worry about standing too close to someone. V2 cigs leaves no smell whatsoever on me or my surroundings.

A most important thing about V2 cigs e cigarette is that I can save bucks while purchasing it. With tobacco cigarettes, I smoked one pack per day pack a day and spending about $200 a month on cigarettes. But now, with e cigarettes, I have cut down that cost over 50% and also get all the extra benefits of an electronic cigarette. I am very happy with this brand and would like to say thanks to V2 Cigs as it change my life completely. Those people who do not have experience with e cigarettes but want to switch over it, for them e cigarette reviews prove to be the best option to get deep and realistic information about different available brands.