Love Always Wins

A project by Gia Goodrich

Made By Mickenzie Wilson

The Idea

Gia Goodrich and hey partner Katelyn started a project to take portraits of LGBTQ couples to show awareness to all those couples out there. It started when the Supreme Court decision that LGBTQ couples were able to get married. Gia as a photographer wanted to make these people feel special with portraits so that's how it all started.

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Why Donate?

These 2 women want to pull out the strength of the couples to ensure that they know someone loves them. There are still people all over the United States and the world who don’t understand, don’t value, and don’t support these relationships. Prejudice is very real, and there are still places in the US where couples can be shunned or attacked just for holding hands. We need to show everyone it's okay to love who you are.

The Goal

There goal is $5,000 and so far they have earned $6,144. Already 71 people have backed up this project. With the money donated they are looking to get equipment and start traveling the United States and they can make a book to share other peoples stories. With these stories it can help other out there struggling.
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When donating you can get many things including copies of the books and your name in the book.