Yellow Fever

By: Emma Drumheller

What is Yellow Fever?

  • The disease is spread by mosquitoes who carry the flavivirus
  • The virus that doesn't have a cure but is treatable and very preventable
  • The "yellow" in the name refers to the yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes when you are infected
  • It is mostly a problem in parts of South America and Africa
  • The virus has not come to the United States since the outbreak in the 1790s


There's a acute phase and a toxic phase:

  • vomit
  • muscle pain
  • fever
  • seizures
  • jaundice

Preventing the disease

1: Getting a vaccine the best option, the effectiveness of it is 90-99%

2: Protecting yourself from mosquito bites; insect repellent and protective clothing

3: Know there is no cure so get help immediately

4: Once you get it, make to get immediate care