Antonio Marez

By Chrystal Ngawuchu

Age Is Just A Number

Among his friends, Antonio’s age seems even more at variance with his years. Unlike his friends who tend to be unthinking and insensitive to each other and to the spiritual nature of life, he always stands back and watches. Yet he also doesn't judge them even when it is clear they are blaspheming by the standards of the Church. Antonio has a strong commitment to the idea that no one should judge anyone else, including his gods.


Antonio was born in Las Pasturas. Due to wanting a better chance for his education, Antonio's mother, moved the family out to Guadalupe. His father wants him to follow in his foot steps and become a traditional vaquero while his mother wants him to become a priest. Being the youngest child, he is seen as the last hope so his parents put alot of pressure on him to live up to their expectations.


Man vs Man: Antonio has a internal conflict that is prominent throughout the novel. He struggles with his identity on regarding his parents and religion. His loss of innocence plays a role in his questioning of life.
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