What is it?

What is it? The Bus Network!

the bus network is a system where the sever is attached to all the computers through a placement of cables.

Disadvantages and advantages?


  • it's a cheap way of setting up a network
  • it's easy to install


  • if the main cable fails or gets damaged the whole network will fail
  • as more workstations are connected the performance of the network will become slower because of data collisions
  • every workstation on the network can see all of the data on the network (this is a security risk)

What is it? The Ring Network!

the ring network is a cable in a ring shape .

Disadvantages and advantages


  • it transfers data very quick


  • if the main cable fails the whole network will fail

the star network

the star network is a bunch of cables in a star shape

disadvantages and advantages


  • very reliable because if one cable or device fails then all the others will continue to work


  • expensive to install as this type of network uses the most cable (network cable is expensive)