What's new in Tupperware?!?!

Heather's Tupperware September Newsletter

Limited time only ~ just in time for the holiday season!!!!

For a limited time, you can take advantage of the holiday Disney collection from Tupperware! What better way to bake cookies??? The canisters will be perfect for your flour, sugar, and baking essentials! Once the cookies are done...store them in the matching container!

Back to School & Microwave Essentials!

Now is the time to take advantage of the Tupperware specials...just remember, get your orders in soon, as the prices for these items will go up after September 11!

**Interested in getting the upcoming sale brochure as soon as it is available? Make sure you send me an email, text, or contact me to add you to the mailing list! Once a month you will receive the new specials directly to your mailbox!!!**

Interested in a Fundraiser????

Are you ready to earn your club or organization 40% of total sales?!?!?! Tupperware is the way to go! Enjoy free shipping on the paper orders, and an online link to share with friends & family!!! Contact me for fundraising details!