There is a place I can’t wait to go, it is Chicago. Chicago is a city in the state of Illinois. In my paper you will learn why I want to go to Chicago.The culture of Chicago and interesting facts. This is the coolest city, I would ever want to go to.

why I what to visit Chicago

I will tell you about the culture in Chicago. Chicago is known for its school .School is now about our school Denver and it is now a county it named Denver. The rock band Chicago was named after the city. We do not have a rock band named after Denver. Chicago is a masterpiece of the city expression the art.We are a masterpiece of building houses. I think that Chicago has so many culture and I like it because I can play hockey with the Chicago Black Hawks their too.


my culture are up
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fun facts about chicago

I will tell you about three fun facts about Chicago. I just read that the heart of the soul Chicago lives in our 77 vibrant. We are not the soul of heart and do not have 77 vibrant. I just read something cool that Chicago was the world’s tallest skyscraper from 1973 until 1997. We do not have a skyscraper in Iowa we have some in waterloo but we do not have a record. We just heard that it was 110 stories and stands 1,451 feet (442m) tall. We do not have some skyscraper but at Waterloo but we have not have one 110 stories high it big but it is 25 stories at waterloo.


There are three reason I want to go to Chicago. I ‘ve seen that there is a beach so close to the city, it is so cool that your eyes will pop out! We have no beaches, I saw that there are 24 beaches in Chicago,that is so cool. It is so cool that you can find China from Chicago and you do not have to leave Chicago.I want to go to Chicago to see the Buckingham Fountain and splash in it. I would also like to see the big mirror that some people call The Bean but it’s real name is called Cloud Gate.When we go to Chicago we will enjoy it and the skyscrapers.
I hope that you learned a lot one day I wish that I can experience and look at all the stuff and see all of the art and the skyscraper and stay there just for a day and see all the museums in Chicago. I will learn a lot of language at Chicago and the cool food I get to see with my family. I can't wait to taste the food they do and I can’t wait until I get to go to Chicago.