Industrial Pollution

What is Industrial Pollution?

Industrial pollution happens when businesses release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Industrial pollution started in 1800s during the Industrial Revolution when companies began to expand their production to meet with the demands of the growing population. However they did it in unsustainable manner using non-renewable energy sources such as coal.

Why Should We Care?

Industrial pollution has many negative effects on animal and human health. It will increase the chances of getting silicosis, pneumonia, asthma , emphysema, bronchitis, hay fever and lung cancer it can also cause irritation of eyes and skin. (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Effects of Industrial Pollution in China

Industrial Pollution Creates Cancer Village in China

Living on Earth

Industrial Pollution Goes to School by Living on Earth

The Canadian Government

Most Canadian provinces and the federal government have formal air quality regulations in place such as Clean Air Acts. These acts specify emission standards. (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

the government is also dedicating $28.5 million to the Air Action Plan which will monitor large trucks to stop them from over polluting and many other things to improve the air quality. (BC Air Quality)

What we can do

  • Carpool or walk instead of using a car
  • Avoid garden tools that run on gasoline. The engine in a gas-powered lawn mower produces eight times the pollution that a car engine does.
  • Paint with water-based (latex) paint rather than the oil-based variety. Oil-based paint contains three to five times more toxic chemicals than latex.
  • Buy products with less packaging
  • Conserve water take shorter showers and turn of the tap when not using it.
  • Turn off electric appliances when not in use and use energy-efficient light bulbs. (BC Air Quality)

By: Lily Wang