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Sundra pandiyan songs review

Sundharapandian asked the hero performs a total of 4 songs in the film. Mokanrajan wrote a song celebrating mood. He is the author of the song has already left the district in the Lord. Hearted Hero song written sundra pandiyan songs to celebrate the debut song. Shriya kavucalum wreck sprouted along with the song sung by Prakash subsist. The song is a duet song written by Madan karkki. Shreya 's voice Kaushal tittikkiratu the wreck of the honey crop.

Nencukkule Saindhavi has sung the song begins. Lotus wrote this song. A woman who wishes nencuk nencukkulle track record acres. A line of the song finished, the highlight of the sundra pandiyan songs continues to the next line spacing vitamale. Currinale... wrote a song you love and lying tongue. Muthukumar. Hariccaran sung. When it comes to love this song as experiences occur.

Appu, who is donning the role lasmimenanai. Acattinalum different get-ups and suddenly he succumb to the incident light costume us. Besides, will, character of the father, mother, grandmother, father of lesmi characters are well -suited to the role of natittavarkalum pass.

Those who sundra pandiyan songs put the game in oppanink kulankallu... song. Feeling the Love that song and love bestowed removed lie. Rec mind sprouted song definitely Policy. Then go to the next line in the song nencuk as a line created in a different manner. Raghunandan acting put in place the necessary background music is stunning. Clashing with the coconut challenge of filming in sundra pandiyan songs different angle. Piremkumar songs, some of the shots taken by helicopter to create a similar experience movie scenes. You must tell the reason for the success of the film editing. Sharp cut tanposko spoken intro editor.

The screenplay, written and directed by S. dialogue. R.. Prabhakaran. Director was asked to help. Image viewer to guess what the next scene shows intrastinkana never spoken with the script. He enjoyed sundra pandiyan songs doing every frame to be produced. That's why every visual image viewers can enjoy greatly. Rec germinated, and false love, the lyrics of the songs in the cacikumaraiyum Lakshmi atippata letting up when it comes to lyrics kalakkalana Sean has to go out, he led a wedge.

Watching comedy laugh while watching a movie and fell and fell, that could not smile at a time. But some of the pictures will lead to happiness katcikalo own mind. Sundharapandian film is like that. This will keep the viewer 's mind with the joy of pure Sundharapandian.

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