North Central Plains

North central plains

The North Central Plains have rolling plains and prairies as well as lakes. By looking at a geographical map, you can see the different regions of Texas. In addition, there are varieties of climates within the state of Texas. The North Central Plains of Texas are mostly made up of grassy prairie land. The climate of this area is semi-arid and drought is a familiar occurrence. The amount of precipitation in the North Central Plains is approximately 30 to 50 inches per year.


In the North Central plains there is a variety of people including, Hispanic, African Americans and Americans are the three main people.


Rich soils support farm industries

Natural resources have spurred other industries






Fort Worth

Wichita Falls


National Parks

Big Bend , El Paso Texas

Geographic Feature

Rolling plains and grasslands.

The region is typical because it is wide open and not much cities with not many buildings.

Lake were manmade from rivers, Farms were established by humans.