5 Themes of Geography: Austin

Carson Smith p-1


Austin is know for it's Hill Country views and spectacular sites. Place can differinciate between many places but I thought the hill country could be "The best spot". The hill country can be thought of as a place in Austin.

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Region can mean many different things. (big or small places) This picture show 6th street in Austin. This street could be thought of as a region because many people throughout the city gather here for food, parties, activities, and some just to walk the famous street.

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Movement is transporting goods and things that people need throughout the city. This can mean: Trucks, people, boats, planes and many other forms of transportation. I chose the truck, because I think its the most widely used form of movement throughout Austin.

Human Environment Interaction

Lake Travis is a good example for Human Environment Interaction. Human Environment Interaction is people adapting or changing the environment to fit the needs of the people in the land. Lake Travis is a man made lake, Which in other words can be said as a change in the environment to fit the needs of the city.

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Location can be thought of as relative and absoulute. Relative location is describing where it is at using lodgic of places around it. Absoulute is stating exactly where it is at. (like a classroom number) or (next to the library). This map show Texas. Austin can be found just south of Killeen or north of San Antonio. (Relative) Austin is 84 miles north of San Antonio. (Absoulute)

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