Scar's Little Secret

By Scar

Fine, my dear Simba, to you I'll admit

I do have a dark and quite nasty secret

Yes, I did, I killed your father

I pushed him right off a cliff

It should've been King Scar

Not King Mufasa

But you're still alive, so who cares if I did?

After years of waiting, my wish came true

I was one step closer to the crown

I told you to run away

I blamed his death on you

Now my throne is way up high

While yours is buried in the ground

And if you dare, and, no,you don't

Dare tell anyone

They won't believe you, no, they won't

Not one animal, not one

Oh dear, oh dear, I've been attacked

Oh dear, oh dear, I am now trapped

All right, Simba, I'll tell them everything

I killed Mufasa, I killed your precious king

No, don't kill me, I finally said it

Dear nephew, don't kill me, I told them my secret

Yes, I admitted

My dark and dirty secret

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