By: Emoni Travis

The Details Behind the Event

After the day of 9/11/01it was considered one of the worst events in U.S. history it was an extremist attack on the twin towers in New York and the Octagon. It happened in the middle of the day when 2 planes flew right into the twin towers which made one building fall onto the Octagon. it was done because they wanted to put fear in USA and it worked

Perspective #1

As a Muslim in the USA life was very difficult after the attack. They were all view as killers and people lived in fear or hate around them. The first thing people see in them is a terrorist. Someone of this ethnicity that would try to board a plane after this situation probably wouldn't even be allowed to fly anyway or would be closely watched the whole time. they were stereotyped because of the people of their religion

Perspective #2

As a firefighter this day was probably the worst day on the job for them. Because the destruction and damage was terrible. there were bodies everywhere they tried to get as many people out that were at the bottom of the building before it started crashing out but they couldn't save everyone and most of them couldn't even save themselves. the smoke and dust in the area was too strong and spreading and made it impossible to see breath or walk.

Media Bias

The media took it as a horrific event that they believed was going to be the start of WWIII

between the US and Iraq. they believed that because of all of the threats they were sending to the US. Conflict will keep rising. The media started to believe that more attacks were coming in the future after the attack. By that feeling the awareness started to rise and places started to have the feeling to have more security and protection for foreign issues.

Criticism #1

Historical criticism towards 9/11 has to do with the attacking. Ever since the situation all people in America have been worried about terrorist attacks. People still don't trust anyone from the Arabian countries. In the past we have had many wars that had terrible endings due to the damage that was done.They say history repeats itself and since there is a new terrorist group called ISIS they're starting ti have a feeling that its all going to happen again and be the cause of a war.

Criticism #2

Cultural criticism is towards the muslims because people look at the ones in our country different because since they're apart of the arabian religion people believe that they would be supporting them and doing the same. A lot of racism started towards them in all areas in the US most of them had nothing to do with it but its still the fact in the matter that they are both under the same religion
9/11 - 102 Minutes That Changed America
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