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Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander found an increase in gun violence with populations dominated by poverty, a higher population of gun-carrying high school students and working class jobs. In stark contrast, they found a considerable drop in gun violence in areas of increased college graduates, more creative jobs and in states that voted for the democratic party. The pinnacle of their studies was when they found the correlation between lowered gun violence and mortality in States that have assault weapon bans and require a trigger lock.

Why you should be against more lenient Gun Control Policy

Martin Killias, in a 1993 study covering 21 countries, found that there were significant correlations between gun ownership and gun-related suicide and homicide rates. There was also a significant though lesser correlation between gun ownership and total homicide rates. A later study published by Killias et al. in 2001, based on a larger sample of countries found, "very strong correlations between the presence of guns in the home and suicide committed with a gun, rates of gun-related homicide involving female victims, and gun-related assault." The authors suggest that the correlation between the presence of guns in the home and suicide and homicide of females is best explained as causal, i.e. the presence of guns is the cause of the mortality and not the reverse.