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April has some interesting dates.

It begins with April Fools' Day, and is followed by Tax Day on the 15th. This year and around the 15th, we will commemorate the most important times in the life of Jesus other than his birth.

We begin with Palm Sunday with Jesus riding into Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowd. As the week goes on we read about the how He, was set up to die.

On the night before He died, at dinner with his friends, he surprised and humbled his friends by washing their feet. (After seeing the results of the mud at Scarborough fail, due to the rain, I can imagine what it might have been like for Jesus).

Then as he blessed the bread and wine, he added the new dimension with the words, "This is my body, This is my blood.

Then to the garden and his confrontation with His father. I don't want to do this, but I will if you tell me.

To trial, the whipping, the weight of the cross, the screaming pain of nails, "Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing" and He dies.

Three days later He appears, He is risen from the dead. All are amazed, frightened, doubting, Thomas among them.

We do this commemoration once a year. We veil things in black, think about the cross on Good Friday. We give some thought to what we gave up for Lent or what we may have added to our Christian growth.

Tony Campolo, a noted preacher has a classic sermon "It's Friday but Sunday's coming". On Friday, His body was broken but Sundays' Coming, He died on Friday but Sundays' coming.

We walk through the week once a year but the story of Holy Week and the Resurrection set the stage for a new religion which was revolutionary and we are the recipients of the story of suffering, death and resurrection.

One of my questions as I approach this Holy Week is. "How much has that story traveled from my head to my heart? Am I doing the cheering, suffering, need for forgiveness (for me and others), sharing in the words, "this is my body this is my blood?

Perhaps a catch in the throat as we watch Jesus die and remembering that somewhere on or in his person are my sins or character defects.

Do I remember "its Friday but Sunday is coming"

Bless some one today,

Fr. Charlie

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Wednesday Night Supper: Marty Nelson

Palm Sunday Presentation

"Mary, Mother of Jesus"

Preformed by Sandra Wakefield

Palm Sunday there will be Bible Study.

Easter Sunday there will NOT be Bible Study

Sedar Dinner Thursday April 18th - followed by the stripping of the Altar and setting up for the vigil.

Good Friday - Stations of the Cross at 6:30 PM

Vestry Meeting on April 14th

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Brass Rubbing

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We pray for those who are ill and those seeking the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit:

Ervin, Mack, Rick, Alex, Kathleen, Nate, & his family, Berterad, Cassie, Mara, Lawrence, Susan, Kim, Audrey, Leslie, Jordand, Coleta, Norma, Charlie, Ron, Ronnie, Ross, Emma, Jarvis and Jesse.

We pray for those who are fighting cancer and long term illnesses:

Jennifer, Jesse, Destri, Nanzea, Tomas, Birgit, Sally, Jim, Rafael, Roger, Less, Jesse, Carol, Monica, Harriett and all Hospice Patients with their families.

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Thank you,


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