Nerja Beach

by Spencer Brown


  • Nerja Beach is located in Andalusia, Spain on the continent of Europe.
  • Nerja Beach is found at 36.744229 Degrees North and 3.875472 Degrees West.

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Nerja's beautiful beaches make it a popular tourist destination.


Nerja is located at the boundary of the Eurasian, which places it close to tectonic activity and an active coast.


Nerja is a secondary coast, as can be told by its cliff and rock formations, formed by marine activities.
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Nerja has many large rock formations and cliffs.


Nerja is an emergent coast, and his been slowly rising since its existence.


The sand found on Nerja is a coarse, dark colored sand composed of mostly quartz.
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Notice the coarseness of the sand.


Nerja is known for its beautiful rock formations, cliffs, waterfalls and caves. The sights as well as seclusion and culture make it a popular destination.
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