How Canada was involved in the War


The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his Wife

In June 1914 archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. Sarajevo is part of the Austria Hungarian Empire and the Archduke is one who inherits the throne. The assassin had belonged to the Serbian political party and Austria Hungary was to give up control of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the 6 week of assassination all the major countries are at war and Canada and other countries part of British empire.

War time propaganda

A Propaganda is a communication technique used to persuade people. It is regularly used during war time, when nations fell threatened, it is an effective way to influence people by playing with emotions and fears and by in clouding most of the information.

The Decision of the Prime Minister

In the summer of 1914 Europe increased. The Prime minister at the time believed that Canadians should fight it war, and it did happen. The Prime Minister thought that would help Canada gain it's respect, internationally. The leader of the opposition in the House of Commons supported Canadians participation, personally as long as they were volunteers sent to war.

Volunteers go to War

They were only about 3000 troops in official army and 60,000 in the volunteer militia, so the Canadian army wasn't very strong. The Minister of the Militia Sam Hughes invited volunteers to the army. They wanted 25,000 to come to the new military camp in Québec. Thirty three thousand showed up and in October 3 the first troops sailed.

The volunteers thought that the war would be a great adventures and that they would be all home by Christmas. The war actually last four years which lead to 60,000 Canadians deaths . This had happened in the first war between stubborn politicians and spoiled royals.