Return of The Measles

Josh amoe issue March 16, 2015


Measles, an entirely preventable disease has made its way back into the United States of America, for an entirely preventable reason. The U.S. reports having a 91% rate of vaccination, lower than some third world countries, this fact being the reason the disease is once again thriving. There is a variety of complications caused by this disease, and it all stems from parents believing vaccinations against such diseases are linked to autism (proved incorrect). The disease is not a personal issue, as it is also dangerous to other children around the unvaccinated children, making it a public duty to vaccinate children. Those encouraging vaccines hope that the children whose life at risk may be enough to convince these parents who wont allow vaccinations for their children.


About 1 in 3 cases of measles put children in the hospital.

Prior to vaccinations 400 to 500 were dying to the measles a year (in the U.S. alone).

On average one individual infected with measles can infect 18 others if unvaccinated.

1 to 2 out of a 1000 measles patients will die.

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What you can do

All that can be taken from this is the fact that measles, along with other preventable diseases, shouldn't be left alone due to rumors about possible side effects of vaccinations. Readers of the articles can help make the change, and by proxy save lives, vaccinations are important and this article makes that fact evident.